One-stop-shop for post-Brexit era: What outsourcing logistics can do for you

Posted by Nick Rees - Commercial & ALL Director on 14-Jun-2018 11:45:00
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If there’s one thing our Brexit blog series has shown, it’s that the practicalities of how businesses will cope and run after March 29th 2019, or at least after the transitional period of December 31st 2020, is still largely unknown.

There are predictions, estimates and forecasts, but, until the final trade agreements have been signed, the true extent of Brexit, and the following repercussions for businesses, will remain largely unknown. The way we’re facing Brexit here at Yusen is through extensive planning, keeping informed of Brexit updates and constantly revising our operations and strategies to ensure we’re able to make as informed strategic decisions as possible at this stage.

We’re not just doing this for our own company. We know many businesses are still uncertain of what steps are necessary to put in place, and there are plenty who haven’t yet started to plan. That’s why we’re working hard on Brexit preparations to ensure a smoother road throughout this period for our customers too.

How we are preparing for Brexit

Our customers are already benefitting from outsourcing logistics. Yet, when it comes to outsourcing logistics when preparing for Brexit, the advantage is even greater.

Thanks to our in-house Brexit experts, we are able to provide a one-stop-shop for our customers’ supply chain management; a fully integrated service and comprehensive logistics that keep all elements of supply chain management under one roof.

Through our professional supply chain management expertise, our customers can benefit from our AEO accreditation, customs clearances, deferment account use, declarations, new software and lead time management. It means everything is managed in-house and taken care of on your behalf, with one point of contact.

Why we’re doing it

At Yusen, we have a global reach and are established in every European country. It is in our interest to remain responsive and informed about how the UK leaving the EU will affect the movement of goods between our own depots on either side of the Channel, as well as the global supply chain, and it offers the greater advantage of being able to pass this knowledge on to our customers.

This means we can create some security to our clients who are yet to prepare for Brexit. It also means businesses who come to us can concentrate on their own core business in these uncertain times, without spending a great deal of money and time on putting new strategies in place. We see it as our job to create a lean operation for post-Brexit procedures, and pass these benefits on to our customers as part of our dedication to providing a comprehensive logistics solution.

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