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Posted by Duncan Butler - General Manager on 19-Dec-2017 12:53:19
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If a customer pays a premium price for a premium product – anything from the latest games console or mobile phone to a designer handbag or top-of-the-range fridge freezer – they naturally expect the very best: a quality product, delivered on time, in prime condition, no excuses. If they decide your product isn’t quite right for them – or they’ve ordered the wrong model, colour or size – they also expect a quick and hassle-free returns or exchange process. In short, if you’re dealing in valuable goods, every aspect of the high value goods supply chain needs to run like clockwork to ensure customers are happy and your reputation for excellence remains intact.

To enable you to meet your customers’ high expectations, outsourcing your warehousing and distribution services to an experienced third-party logistics (3PL) for high value goods like Yusen Logistics can pay huge dividends. Our networks, infrastructure, experience and supply chain management expertise will protect and enhance your high value cargo and add substantial value to your operations.


Supplying the demand

With Brexit looming and the corresponding concerns about potential cross-Channel delays, volatile markets, red tape and additional operating costs in EU territory, it’s never been more important to secure high quality warehousing and distribution services that can help to give you an edge over the competition. Yusen is responding to the demand for warehousing facilities at strategic UK locations by expanding our UK warehousing portfolio to over 2million sq ft to help mitigate risk and ensure robust supply.

From May 2018, 200,000 sq ft of space will become available in our specialist high value cargo warehouse at Grange Park Industrial Estate in Northampton, UK. With a combination of racking and floor space, high-tech security features, automated shelving systems and a choice of onsite technical rework areas including wet testing facilities for white goods and consumer electronics inspection booths, Grange Park 2 (GP2) is the perfect warehousing and distribution facility for high value goods.


GP2’s advanced offer will ensure high value goods are safe and secure around the clock; its location near to key motorway links will facilitate fast and efficient inbound and outbound deliveries; onsite technical facilities will meet customers’ value-added requirements including kitting, refurbishment and parts salvage; robust systems, quality processes and end-to-end visibility will protect your brand at every stage in our secure and streamlined high value goods supply chain.


Big enough to cope; small enough to care

Some of the biggest names in white goods and consumer electronics rely on Yusen to handle their high value cargo with the care and attention it deserves. Our offer goes way beyond providing safe and secure warehousing; our skilled and dedicated workforce has over 20 years’ experience in the high value goods market, and each and every employee understands that you need the confidence that your cargo will be protected at every stage in the supply chain.


Here are just some of the ways Yusen can add value to your warehousing and distribution operations:

  • protect your goods from theft during transit on the way to and from GP2
  • handle your goods with care and move products as little as possible
  • give you greater control over your product due to end-to-end visibility tracking
  • ensure you have the flexibility you need for real-time planning and management
  • help you forecast accurately, manage inventory and plan for peaks
  • use cross-docking and transloading facilities to help consolidate products to meet demand
  • ensure enough staff with the right skills are on hand to handle your high value cargo
  • minimise lost value form product returns with our specialist onsite repair and refurbishment services, consolidation and return to vendor services and our kitting, packaging and bundling services


Yusen Logistics can help

Outsourcing warehousing and distribution of high value cargo to a reliable and experienced 3PL like Yusen can add substantial value to the supply chain and bring you the peace of mind you need. Talk to us today.

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