Frank Gosnell - General Manager, Asset Light Operations and Planning

With previous positions held in managing planning and operation functions across the automotive, consumer electronics and FMCG verticals, Frank now manages the Healthcare Control Tower for YLUK. Frank’s focus on quality and attention to detail is reflected in the high levels of service and delivery performance levels.
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How Yusen Logistics’ European Control Tower can revitalise your healthcare operation

Posted by Frank Gosnell - General Manager, Asset Light Operations and Planning on 22-Nov-2018 14:45:59
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 A logistics Control Tower can bring supply chain visibility to your operation, improving both planning and efficiency. For the healthcare vertical, higher performance levels can reflect upon the end patient’s welfare with late, damaged or compromised products having a significant impact, as we discussed in our previous blog.  However, maintaining control of your logistics can be difficult to manage - especially as your supply chain grows bringing additional stakeholders, procedures, routes and end destinations to an already complex and intricate process.  

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