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Nick Rees is Commercial & ALL Director of Yusen Logistics (UK) Ltd and also has responsibility for the Asset Light Logistics business unit. In a logistics career spanning 25 years he has undertaken a variety of operational and commercial roles. Key focus areas include driving Yusen’s growth agenda through the delivery of bespoke solutions for current & prospective clients, and the roll-out of Yusen’s award-winning Healthcare 4PL control tower to other industry verticals.

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One-stop-shop for post-Brexit era: What outsourcing logistics can do for you

Posted by Nick Rees - Commercial & ALL Director on 14-Jun-2018 11:45:00
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If there’s one thing our Brexit blog series has shown, it’s that the practicalities of how businesses will cope and run after March 29th 2019, or at least after the transitional period of December 31st 2020, is still largely unknown.

There are predictions, estimates and forecasts, but, until the final trade agreements have been signed, the true extent of Brexit, and the following repercussions for businesses, will remain largely unknown. The way we’re facing Brexit here at Yusen is through extensive planning, keeping informed of Brexit updates and constantly revising our operations and strategies to ensure we’re able to make as informed strategic decisions as possible at this stage.

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