Rob Walker, General Manager - Central Operations

Rob and his team are responsible for supporting a wide breadth of operational and commercial activity, specialising in Continuous Improvement, Project Management, Operational Support, Vendor Management and Operational Training. Rob is passionate about working collaboratively to deliver productivity and profitability gains through end-to-end process optimisation and, increasingly, automation.

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How to identify an effective Kaizen opportunity in logistics (and beyond)

Posted by Rob Walker, General Manager - Central Operations on 25-Mar-2019 10:20:00
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In business, everyone has their own preferred management style and way of working.  This is particularly relevant within logistics and supply chain management.  No two logistics operations will be the same and, even within the same warehouse, different operations will have specific and differing ways of working.  So, when it comes to change, how do you recognise what’s a good suggestion for improvement and what’s going to waste resources or distract you from achieving your primary goal?

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