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Posted by Hans Boer - Aerospace Vertical Leader on 22-Mar-2016 10:00:00
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Yusen’s global aerospace logistics uses dedicated AOG professionals for a quick response

In an extremely competitive and regulated market, fast transport for aerospace goods is vital to keep planes in service. Aerospace vendors, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), airlines, and operators need to maintain margins and achieve best value manufacturing often in time critical environments.


Indeed, Deloitte reported that in 2016 they expected

record production levels in global aerospace due to growing passenger traffic.


Supply chain optimization has become a key strategy to speed processes and reduce costs in production, materials movement, maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations.

With this in mind, it’ll become increasingly important that your goods have first class global aerospace logistics to meet increasing demand.


If you want the best, then to choose a leading player you need to spot the three Ps for the fast transport of aerospace goods

  1. Personalised

The aerospace industry has unique requirements when it comes to logistics. Its fast-paced nature means that to transport aerospace parts in time you need a rapid response and around the clock support – throughout the year.

A Priority Services Desk can offer a flexible and tailored package, ensuring a range of solutions that ship your product to meet demand. They can include – but aren’t limited to – Next Flight Out, Hand Carry and Charter arrangements.

To stand out, your aerospace transportation should always bring added-value supply chain support that directly addresses your business’ needs.


  1. Problem-Solving

To get faster, safer, and more reliable, global aerospace logistics should be looking to continuously improve: utilising the latest technology and systems for better results.

As well as cargo consolidation and location analysis, they need to be active in searching for streamlined supply chain solutions.

For example, by pioneering shock absorbing rolling pallets for the movement of goods by air it meant that we could protect cargo from impact on route, for safer aerospace transportation.

That way, a supply chain logistics provider can offer solutions that aim not only to support but also completely optimise the aerospace supply chain.


  1. Portfolio – Full Service

 For time critical projects, you need comprehensive aerospace transportation with the flexibility and experience to manage the quick turnaround of goods.

They need to have a significant presence in the US, Europe, Australasia and the Far East, as well as a support network to streamline your processes.   

Look for a dedicated team of aircraft on ground (AOG) professionals so you can be assured of getting critical spare parts, where you need them, and as fast as you need them.


So if you have last minute, time critical, and project cargo deliveries you need to ensure you have the best global aerospace logistics on board. To earn first class credentials, it needs a personalised service that goes above and beyond to deliver the fast transport of aerospace goods. 

Download our checklist to choose the right supply chain management service for you

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