How we must keep up in the drive for omnichannel logistics

Posted by Duncan Butler - General Manager on 01-Feb-2018 11:45:00
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The insurgence of a new customer experience is shifting every avenue of the retail journey. The growth of the holistic omnichannel approach means ecommerce and bricks and mortar retail are more fused than ever before. Dynamic new logistics models focus on delivering a seamless and integrated service in the customer's buying journey, whether using a device on the go, at home or by walking into a store.

For the first time ever, mobile devices are leading the way in UK online retail sales too, further cementing the leap towards ecommerce demand for shoppers. According to IMRG, the 'digital tipping point' emerged in 2016 figures, when 51% of all UK online retail sales took place via smartphones or tablets.

As secure 3PL providers, the demands to keep up in a marketplace that is steering towards both ecommerce and an omnichannel methodology is as real for us as it is for the retailers themselves. Meeting the demands dictated by customers has a knock-on effect to the logistical support systems that support this new and complex approach.


Change in delivery demands

The likes of Amazon have disrupted the market in a major way, thanks to its low operational costs and customer-focused delivery times, which has, in turn, forced traditional retailers to embrace and merge their approach. The domino effect on 3PLs like ourselves means we must be dynamic and provide guidance and continued improvement, especially when big players wanting 3PL for high value cargo need a high quality service that can compete with the ecommerce leaders.

3PLs must be able to handle both retail and ecommerce demands systematically, manage multiple suppliers and carriers, handle peaks in volume for the likes of Black Friday and Christmas, offer flexible deployment and all the time maintain stock availability. Ecommerce consumers demand absolute convenience and want next day deliveries within an allotted time and a consistent service for whichever channel they have chosen to purchase through.

Our place in the revolution

So, what is Yusen doing to perform in this new and evolving playing field? Thankfully this is not as new to us as it might have once been. Our leading consumer electronic customers have brought about high value logistics ecommerce challenges which we have found operational solutions for, in the form of product launches and week/month end peak volumes, for example. A great warehouse management system in our high value goods warehouse sets us apart largely in achieving this, and our strategic locations are ideally situated to help us deliver as effectively as is possible. Through our significant warehousing campus in the Midlands, Yusen have strong geographic links with parcel carrier services and providers, home delivery suppliers and two-man home delivery specialists to ensure the right service is always provided.


The search for ideal warehouse space

According to the UK Logistics Confidence Index 2017, the UK faces a shortage of warehouse space, with few builds coming to the market due to ongoing planning issues and long lead times for those that are approved. The minimum size requirements for warehouses has also increased, along with growing demand in key locations close to large urban centres with good transport links - primarily driven by the huge growth in the ecommerce sector. With these pressures set to strengthen and UK online sales expected to grow by up to £77 billion every year by 2021, it makes sense to find the best secure 3PL warehouse to suit your omnichannel logistics needs.

We have space available at our specialist high value goods warehouse ideally located close to Heathrow Airport.  Offering same day delivery within London and the M25, and next day delivery nationwide.  Premium level home delivery operations utilise our own resources and trusted partners to deliver an industry leading 99.5% OTIF.  This is coupled with our dedicated workforce experienced in configuring orders to exact customer requirements.  It could be the ideal warehouse space you're looking for in your omnichannel retail effort.


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