How to Make Light Work of Logistics for the Solar Energy Sector

Posted by Pete Bagnall - Senior Operations Manager, International Freight Forwarding Division on 07-Mar-2016 15:00:00
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Yusen’s tailored and time-bound solutions makes them an ideal solar energy logistics partner

As the solar energy market rapidly expands, providers need to transport more materials across the world at a faster pace. It's an expensive business, with high value products – often oversized – being shipped from multiple origin points across the world to end-user sites. Solar panels, transformers, and generators all have to reach a customer in top quality and a timely fashion.


In fact, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) reported that,

in the last decade, Solar has grown at nearly 60% annually.


So to manage demand, only a solar energy logistics partner can deliver tailored and time-bound solutions within budget. 

However, solar farms are often situated in sites with limited access and an unclear view of the local landscape. So without proper planning, it’s difficult to ensure a fast and safe service. 

With this in mind, if you’re looking to choose the best logistics for the solar energy sector with supply chain management, you need to look for these three essentials:


  1. Flexibility

The most effective solar energy logistics partner will offer an extensive services portfolio which they can tailor to the solar energy market.

When transporting delicate and oversized goods across the world, you need attention to detail – and then the ability to flex a service to suit the situation. Look for different transport options and Project Cargo logistics with a global reach, so the process is seamless from end to end.


  1. Forward-Planning

Understanding the route ahead of delivery means you can streamline your service time and head-off any potential risks. For swift logistics for the solar energy sector, you need to ask for an advanced site assessment on all delivery routes.

That way, you can head off the ‘what if’ scenarios and optimise your operations.

Even better, a solar energy logistics partner who can offer on-site support will ensure any unforeseen issues can be addressed with the right expertise at hand.


  1. Visibility

If you’ve promised to guarantee delivery, then logistics for the solar energy sector should plan should include real-time tracking. With a control tower management service, you can identify and mitigate any potential risks in advance so that delivery times aren’t impacted.

It also gives you sight of your high-value product – and with it peace of mind.


Making light work of your solar energy supply chain is achievable if you choose the right logistics provider. So make sure your customers are satisfied with a customer-centric logistics company.

 Download our checklist to choose the right supply chain management service for you

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