The Big Picture: Global Supply Chain Visibility & High Value Cargo

Posted by Nick Humphreys - Solutions Design Manager, International Supply Chain Division on 19-Sep-2017 12:00:00
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Yusen’s Griffin system gives you greater shipment visibility for supply chain control.

High value goods often require international movements, so it’s vital that your global supply chain is fully aligned and secure – from beginning to end. It’s not just the cost of goods in transit that heightens the risks you face; short lead times can also leave you sprinting for the finish line before the starting gun has even been fired. This, together with unanticipated increases in demand, could lead to missed product launches, stock shortage and disappointed customers which could even cause you to lose your market advantage.

Yusen’s international supply chain management service uses our own in-house designed and highly customisable system, Griffin, to increase end-to-end supply chain visibility and management with safe, secure logistics tracking.

Griffin standardises your operational processes, provides a central communications portal and instant access to business-critical information. This allows Yusen as your 3PL partner to ensure end-to-end supply chain flexibility.



If you’re concerned about high risk, high stakes supply chains, a Yusen strategy will provide you with greater supply chain control and visibility, allowing for enhanced shipment prioritisation to reduce overstock at your warehouses, optimise your domestic transportation and improve stock availability.

With these three key advantages, you can then see the bigger picture when importing high value cargo:


  1. Standardise Processes for Greater Operational Efficiency

Safeguarding the short lead times of high value cargo largely rests on your operational efficiency. Our supply chain network utilises our Griffin system to standardise your processes across an end-to-end international supply chain, reducing delays at all major touchpoints.

 A single communications portal can be used by your team, Yusen as your 3PL partner and vendors alike. With automated checks and balances, it’s highly valuable for process-driven industries. Griffin provides full visibility for your global supply chain, allowing flows to be fully optimised and aligned, whilst also ensuring data integrity when using a complex web of vendors.

 With greater operational efficiency, you can maintain order and shipment integrity so your high value cargo is always in the right place at the right time.


  1. Prioritise your Priorities with Upstream PO Management for Inventory Control

 Yusen’s supply chain team work closely with you to fully understand your business needs, critical paths and secure logistics. With a catalogue of high value products to take to market, it’s often hard to prioritise the priorities. That’s where our relationship with you is key, as our team assess lead times and carrier flexibility to ensure your orders are fulfilled.

Our Purchase Order (PO) management service is vital for this, especially in supporting successful global procurement strategies.

Griffin acts as a PO and vendor management tool, providing auto-booking and shipping alerts, eInvoicing and ePacking lists (consolidating invoices with standard templates) and exception management reporting with electronic flagging.

With the bigger picture, it means buyer consolidation can be organised in advance for full optimisation. That way, you can build in efficiencies from the very start of your supply chain to reduce costs and better manage inventory planning.


  1. Increase Shipment Visibility for Streamlined Critical Path Management

Our Head of Security, Mark Harvey, explored how essential it is to have secure logistics for high value goods. As part of this, our whitepaper pinpointed shipment visibility as a means of maintaining control and protection throughout global end-to-end supply chains. However, it’s also key for our supply chain team in ensuring streamlined critical path management.

As a single communications portal, Griffin gives you total control from origin to destination, visualising product flow with real-time reporting on critical data. You even have the capability of safe, secure logistics tracking at individual SKU level.

That way, with full transparency you can interrogate live data and be assured of its integrity, allowing you to act confidently and effectively if supply chain disruptions arise.


If you’re dealing with complex supply chains with multi-vendor requirements, then international supply chain management service is ideal.

With excellent end-to-end supply chain visibility, you’ll then have the bigger picture to protect your high value cargo.

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