Insight in Action: Improving Customer-Centric Cold Chain Logistics

Posted by Rodion Liashko - ESC Business Analyst on 31-Jan-2017 09:59:04
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Being able to continuously improve is becoming more and more crucial in a highly competitive supply chain management market. Arguably, nowhere does this trend become more evident than in the Pharmaceutical industry and particularly in cold chain logistics, where the standards of technical, legal and operational scopes are especially high as they directly affect human life.

Innovation has always been one of the core principles of Yusen Logistics and our research collaboration with Cardiff University in 2016 undoubtedly added value in some demanding areas of supply chain management for customer-centric logistics.

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Topics: Pharmaceutical Industry, Control Tower Management, 4PL, Cold Chain Logistics, Temperature Controlled Supply Chain, 3PL, Shipment Visibility, Forecasting, Customer-centric Logistics

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