European healthcare: how smarter logistics can reduce drug shortages

Posted by Frank Packman - General Manager, Healthcare on 16-Oct-2018 10:21:00
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Although logistics is only one step in the healthcare supply chain, research shows an average pharmaceutical organisation spends 6% of its revenue on logistics requirements, compared to 5%­ for the retail industry and just 2% for electronics.   Manufacturers must absorb these costs without compromising on the quality of medicines, which can lead to subsequent failures and shortages.  Yet, despite this, regulations such as the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) varies by region and therefore universal standards are not upheld.

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Healthcare logistics: preventing stock shortages in European healthcare supply chains

 Drug shortages are recognised as a global issue by the World Health Organisation (WHO) with research indicating that the problem has been increasingly affecting European countries.  The duration of medicine shortages can range from a few days to several months, with acute and chronic medicine shortages potentially compromising patient outcomes.  This, together with the expense and time burden of drug shortages, has led to medicine agencies expressing concerns about the long-term supply of drugs.  To understand how to prevent stock shortages in European healthcare supply chains, we first must define the true extent of the problem.   

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Topics: Healthcare logistics

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