How to identify an effective Kaizen opportunity in logistics (and beyond)

Posted by Rob Walker, General Manager - Central Operations on 25-Mar-2019 10:20:00
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In business, everyone has their own preferred management style and way of working.  This is particularly relevant within logistics and supply chain management.  No two logistics operations will be the same and, even within the same warehouse, different operations will have specific and differing ways of working.  So, when it comes to change, how do you recognise what’s a good suggestion for improvement and what’s going to waste resources or distract you from achieving your primary goal?

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Supply chain management: Kaizen best practices in logistics

Posted by Darren Dennis - Continuous Improvement Manager at YLUK on 25-Feb-2019 09:19:23
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From higher job satisfaction to improved operational efficiency, the benefits of Kaizen to businesses of all shapes and sizes are vast.  The underlying principle of Kaizen is to focus on small continuous improvements that can be actioned quickly to create manageable actions that contribute to overall long-term improvements, rather than setting unrealistic goals that could potentially lead to failures.

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Get the Gold Standard with Accredited Supply Chain Solutions

Posted by Craig Tellwright - Head of Audit, Assurance and Quality on 28-Mar-2017 12:00:00
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Trusting a 3PL partner with your global supply chain network is vital for the efficient delivery of your product. Indeed, for any far-reaching logistics with international warehousing and distribution capability, you need the right planning and policies, systems and strategies in place. That way, large scale operations are in the best place to maintain the same standard of quality throughout – no matter what borders or oceans they cross. To be assured of your 3PL partner’s supply chain solutions, look for industry standard accreditations as a sure sign they’ll always meet – if not exceed – your expectations with consistent quality management.


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