Planning for Peaks: Black Friday Logistics that Stay Out of the Red

Posted by Duncan Butler - General Manager on 30-Nov-2016 13:00:00
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Managing peaks with your supply chain is a long-standing challenge for retailers and manufacturers alike - with the biggest test often falling in the days, weeks, and months leading up to Black Friday.

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Topics: Supply Chain Management, Black Friday, Crossdocking, Transloading, Warehousing and Distribution, Added Value, Kitting and Packaging, Cross-training, Buyer Consolidation, Technology Industry, Consumer Electronics

Make a Break for It: Delivering Fast Export Logistics after Brexit

Posted by Kevin Appleton - Chairman, Yusen Logistics on 30-Jun-2016 15:06:00
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They used to say that a week was a long time in politics, but these days 24 hours seems to have enough news for a normal year. In the wake of Brexit, it’s begun to feel like we’re driving through thick fog, relying on our fog lights to illuminate as much as possible as we negotiate the hazy conditions ahead.

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Topics: Freedom of Movement, Brexit, Exported Goods, Supply Chain Management, Border Controls, Single Market

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