Moving Forwards with Reverse Logistics for Consumer Electronics

Posted by Duncan Butler - General Manager on 03-Feb-2017 12:24:26
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In the Consumer Electronics industry, if you don’t move rapidly to keep up with demand you simply can’t compete. The ‘latest’ smart phone or tablet keeps its title only for a short while before we’re wowed by the next edition. However, there’s not just pressure on consumer electronics companies to get a product out of the door, but also in how its dealt with if it ends up back in the supply chain.

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Topics: Consumer Electronics, Reverse Logistics, RFID, Warehousing and Distribution, Repairs and Refurbishment, Cost-effective Logistics, Recall Management, Zero-landfill Policy, Reclaiming Recyclable Parts, Technology Industry

Planning for Peaks: Black Friday Logistics that Stay Out of the Red

Posted by Eunice Friend - General Manager, Technology on 30-Nov-2016 13:00:00
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Managing peaks with your supply chain is a long-standing challenge for retailers and manufacturers alike - with the biggest test often falling in the days, weeks, and months leading up to Black Friday.

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Topics: Supply Chain Management, Black Friday, Crossdocking, Added Value, Kitting and Packaging, Cross-training, Buyer Consolidation, Transloading, Warehousing and Distribution, Consumer Electronics, Technology Industry

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