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Posted by Craig Tellwright - Head of Audit, Assurance and Quality on 28-Mar-2017 12:00:00
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Yusen has a host of accreditations that secure, specialise, and standardise the supply chain

Trusting a 3PL partner with your global supply chain network is vital for the efficient delivery of your product. Indeed, for any far-reaching logistics with international warehousing and distribution capability, you need the right planning and policies, systems and strategies in place. That way, large scale operations are in the best place to maintain the same standard of quality throughout – no matter what borders or oceans they cross. To be assured of your 3PL partner’s supply chain solutions, look for industry standard accreditations as a sure sign they’ll always meet – if not exceed – your expectations with consistent quality management.


 Indeed, in 2014 Privett and Gonsalvez’ critical logistics study found that,

in one case, the low quality service from a 3PL provider cost a supplier $76,000

for one batch of expired HIV combination drugs alone.


There are a whole host of local regulations that your 3PL partner must comply with to meet health, safety and environmental standards. However, you also need a guarantee that they are doing their utmost to secure your supply chain, specialise for your industry, and maintain robust standardisation.

Here are three accreditations that put a spotlight on the security, speciality, and standardisation of your supply chain solutions:

  1.  Secure your Supply Chain with TAPA

    To play it safe, your 3PL partner should be a member of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA). It connects security professionals across industries, including highly regulated, high-tech companies. That way, best practice is shared and quality standards can be maintained for your supply chain security.

    The TAPA certification demonstrates that your 3PL partner adheres to industry-leading security specifications for the prevention of loss or theft of cargo during transit and in warehousing storage. In recent years, this has become increasingly important, with cargo theft soaring in 2016 with an 265.3% increase of incidents in some areas.

    So, keep your eyes peeled for a 3PL partner with a CLASS-A grade: the highest security level certified by TAPA for group companies in Japan and overseas.


  1. Ensure Specialist Procedures with GDP

    For more highly regulated industries – such as pharmaceuticals – there are specific requirements to address a more severe risk profile for your supply chain solutions.

    If you’re handling high value, highly sensitive goods, then it’s vital that your 3PL partner has the proper procedures and training in place for cost-effective and secure practice. Otherwise, if we use cold chain logistics as an example, compromising a temperature controlled supply chain could risk hundreds of thousands in just a single pallet of critical medicine or perishable goods.

    A Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certification is a sign of specialist skill used to global industry standards. It demonstrates that warehousing and distribution centres meet rigorous systems and checks designed to maintain the specific requirements of temperature sensitive medicines.

    They will never work in isolation either, undertaking independent assessments to make sure that your 3PL partner is compliant against international regulations. 


  1. Standardise your Quality Management with ISO 9001
    Streamlined supply chain solutions rely heavily on superb quality management – that can also be tailored to meet your specific needs.

    The ISO 9001 is an international standardisation of quality management principles. If your 3PL partner have succeeded in attaining it, you can be assured that their way of working has a strong customer focus.
    They’ll constantly be striving for continuous improvement – perhaps with a Kaizen culture – to make sure that they drive supply chain innovation with a consistently good level of service.

    Put your trust in quality-driven logistics and choose a reliable 3PL partner with a host of international accreditations. They’ll help secure your supply chain, specialise for your industry, and maintain robust standardisation to deliver the very best service. 


Download our checklist to choose the right supply chain management service for you

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