Greater Flex with Valued Added Logistics for Consumer Electronics

Posted by Duncan Butler - General Manager on 21-Feb-2017 12:00:00
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Yusen’s value added logistics services relieve pressure in your supply chain.

As the speed and technology of logistics takes great strides forward, consumers now expect to get what they want when they want it. For consumer electronics, this means dealing with shorter lead times and the pressures of product launches to ensure the latest tablet, laptop or mobile phone reaches the shelf faster for maximum profit. To do this, you need a 3PL partner who helps you avoid missed sales and stockpiled inventory by keeping your product moving. They’ll sharpen your competitive edge by supporting manufacturers with valued added logistics solutions that streamline your processes – and please your customer.


Indeed, the recent Third-Party Logistics Study found that

86% of shippers consider their use of 3PLs to contribute to improved customer service.


Certainly, value-added services help meet increasingly challenging consumer purchasing trends, with efficiencies for complex, omni-channel supply chains. The best strategy for consumer electronics is to configure products as late in the supply chain as possible – ideally during your 3PL’s touchpoints – to streamline processes and reduce resources needed in-house.

For consumer electronics, your 3PL partner’s different valued added logistics solutions need to be flexible, cost-effective and fast.


  1. Kitting, Packaging and Labelling

To improve efficiency in your supply chain, your 3PL partner can assemble suppliers’ materials to align with vendor inventory management. That means they can keep your stocks low while still meeting volatile consumer demands.

Using kitting services at a lower-cost warehouse will free up floor space in production factories and save you money in the long-term. By delaying production-ready - or customer ready - kits and light assemblies until they are needed, you’ll boost flexibility over your inventory.

Moreover, you can relieve pressure at the end destination by planning for peaks and product launches with packaging and labeling services. Ahead of shipment, the latest consumer electronics product can be bundled in a package deal, stickered, arranged in POS displays, and aligned with bonus gifts.


  1. Pre-Installation

To relieve pressure earlier on in your supply chain, pre-installation is a vital valued added logistics solution for consumer electronics. Just look for a 3PL partner who has expert and trained technicians as part of their warehousing solutions.

Complex pre-installation can include software installation, configuration, and testing across a wide range of electronics from copiers and printers, to smart phones and tablets. Customised product assembly before shipment by technical experts will ensure your smart goods arrive at their end point ready for sale. 

Flexibility is fundamental so you need a 3PL partner who will get the best possible yield in time and labour while maintaining the highest standards of quality control.  That way, you can streamline your supply chain and achieve the best cost-savings.


  1. Repair and Refurbishment

Valued added logistics are not only fast and cost-effective getting your product to your customer, but also in retrieving electronics with reverse logistics services.

Repair and refurbishment capabilities are a key tool for recapturing or creating value for high-tech goods, as well as organising the proper disposal of technical products. Returns are evaluated by trained technicians to determine whether goods can be repaired, reused or repacked. You can then redistribute them to a secondary market to recover maximum value – and boost your bottom line.

Like upstream flows, collaboration from all departments is required to optimise the reverse logistics chain as well as reverse chain partners. In doing so, products are kept moving with slick supply chain management.

So, a 3PL with existing expertise and infrastructure will streamline complexities in your supply chain and provide a cost-effective solution that eases the pressures of returns to add value.


If you need greater flex in your supply chain, valued added services from your 3PL partner are the go-to choice to ensure a fast end-to-end solution that maximises potential profit.

Discover more about robust supply chain management for consumer electronics.

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