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Posted by Benjamin Bird - General Manager of Business Solutions on 28-Feb-2017 12:00:00
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Yusen listened to you to develop a productivity tool that boosts customer-centric logistics.

Transparency is key if you’re looking for a 3PL partner that strives to hone their customer-centric logistics. From factory floor to end destination, our recent study found that having full sight of your supply chain will best serve your needs – and your customers’. Not only does a customer-centric ethos foster stronger relationships between you and your supplier, but it delivers cost-effective supply chain management and innovative solutions.

For the consumer electronics industry, in particular, trusting a 3PL partner to drive continuous improvement will help you tackle the pressures of short lead times in an increasingly competitive consumer landscape.


A Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) report examined the recent performance of the computer and electronics industry and found that ‘productivity growth in the information technology space has slowed dramatically in recent years’.


Indeed, for consumer electronics, outperforming the latest on-trend technology relies heavily on slick supply chain management to balance production and lead times. To do this, a customer-centric 3PL partner will strive to deliver value by improving quality benchmarks across your business.

So, a Kaizen attitude of continuous improvement in warehousing and distribution is perfectly suited for customer-centric logistics. With it, your 3PL partner can prioritise productivity, expertise and visibility to meet your needs and (literally) deliver the goods.  


  1. A productivity tool is cost-effective and transparent

Monitoring and analysing workload across a national offering ensures your 3PL provider is committed to cost-effective solutions for your supply chain needs.

Tracking task performance and reporting regularly will allow your 3PL partner to streamline processes and develop innovation for maximum results. Launched initially for consumer electronics, our new productivity tool will capture task time and volume measurements.

Using tablet software, warehousing operatives track the length of tasks as they happen. Individual performance can then be rewarded and training needs identified to ensure your 3PL’s workforce is delivering the highest level of service for customer-centric logistics.

Target setting is then vital for achieving operational excellence and here a productivity tool really comes into play. It gives you realistic measurements and results to drive continuous improvement. With accurate and up-to-date data on activity volumes, your 3PL partner can then improve your warehousing operations to reduce or eliminate waste for highly competitive costs.


  1. Experienced and trained technicians streamline processes

If you’re looking for unrivalled customer-centric logistics then you need to trust your 3PL partner’s expertise across all levels of your supply chain. Particularly for high-spec consumer electronics, experienced and trained technicians are key for smooth-running warehousing and distribution.

Technical expertise gives you greater flex across your supply chain, with the option of value added logistics. For high value, hi-spec products, complex pre-installation of software and configuration can be completed in lower cost warehousing – relieving pressure in your manufacturing factories.

You can also recoup value from high-volume recalls with repair and refurbishment reverse logistics services. Trained technicians identify products that can be returned to the customer or fixed in-house before being sent directly to a secondary market. After all, reducing the number of touchpoints will ultimately help achieve the best cost-savings.

Finally, cross-training as standard will ultimately help to ease pressures when planning for peaks. Broad training lets your 3PL partner mobilise their workforce to suit shifting demands for popular consumer products.


  1. Shipment visibility gives you greater control

Omni-channel distribution is vital for meeting your customers’ expectations for the latest on-demand gadgets. However, with the benefits also comes increased complexity. That’s why a strong 3PL partner will focus on customer-centric forecasting strategies to keep your high value goods in sight at every stage of the supply chain.

A control tower management solution with GPS tracking gives you real-time visibility through an online portal. Through it, you can track your products so you’re best placed to identify cost-saving opportunities – like supplier/buyer consolidation – or react if issues do arise.

With SKU-level visibility, a system like Griffin gives you even greater control over the security of high value products. You can geo-fence distribution routes to avoid crime zones, set alarms for touchpoints, and talk directly with drivers if problems are faced.

That way, you can trust that your products are in safe hands.


Continuous improvement is key to keeping ahead in logistics. So as lead times grow shorter and the pressure mounts, look for a customer-centric 3PL partner for transparent and cost-effective solutions. 

Discover more about robust supply chain management for consumer electronics.

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