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Posted by Frank Packman - General Manager, Healthcare on 30-Sep-2016 12:16:00
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Yusen’s temperature controlled supply chain delivers a quality, safe, and reliable service

As the cost of medicine soars, you need a logistics company that ensures a safe supply chain for your pharmaceuticals. The highest quality and a streamlined service are a must with life-saving goods, so in your search for the best supply chain, warehousing and transportation of pharmaceuticals a Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certification is your first port of call.

This means that the transport company you choose meets the highest industry standard of quality for the storage and delivery of healthcare products –  including the stringent conditions required for a tailored supply chain with temperature controlled transport. Certainly, the growth of temperature control is a key trend in the sector.


In fact, Pharmaceutical Commerce have predicted that,

by 2020, the need for pharma products that require refrigerated storage

will rise by 65%.


With this in mind, logistics companies who have invested in state-of-the-art temperature controlled transport and systems will prove the best choice.

So using a company that has and understands the GDP standards will mean you avoid risks to your logistics, temperature controlled transportation, and pharmaceutical supply chain to gain these three key advantages:

  1. Quality

When a life is in the balance, transporting crucial medicine is a huge responsibility: you could even find delivery of pharmaceuticals which have not maintained temperature could have major consequences.

So, look for a pharmaceutical logistics partner who plans ahead to meet your high expectations. They’ll ensure that delivery routes are finalised only after assessment of any supply chain risks and then will monitor the shipment through a control tower solution for a seamless service. 

Even better, they’ll have real-time GPS tracking so they’re proactive as well as reactive should any issues arise.  


  1. Safety

Temperature controlled transport systems require specialist knowledge of packaging and equipment, as well as training to GDP standards, to ensure that product integrity is maintained throughout the supply chain. That way you can be assured your shipment is safe and secure for those valuable products.  

However, to maintain the right conditions and ensure the safe transportation of your pharmaceuticals, they should also offer remote temperature monitoring throughout the journey. You should also look for a company with specific security equipment and standards procedures in place.

That way, they can act quickly and protect your product every step of the way.   


  1. Reliability

Cold chain logistics are successful when your products are delivered in the right condition at the right time, at the right place every time.

When it comes to choosing a logistics partner, then, you can only be assured of their reliability if they can demonstrate a wealth of experience with their existing long-term partnerships. If their customer testimonials showcase a flexible and bespoke service, you can be more confident that your provider will meet your needs.

Look for tailored packages and a proven track-record before you commit to a pharmaceutical supply chain service.                


Above all, a company with a GDP certification is key in your search for safe transport of pharmaceuticals. With this in hand, you’ll avoid poor service and instead secure life-saving logistics.

Download our checklist to choose the right supply chain management service for you


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