Temperature Controlled Transport Delivers Critical Medicine

Posted by James Colson - General Manager, Healthcare on 11-Jan-2016 12:00:00
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Yusen has proven results in the pharmaceutical industry to benefit patients worldwide

When a life is in the balance, transporting crucial medicines is a huge responsibility. Life science companies, healthcare authorities, and the patient choose to put the utmost of trust in logistics. They need to know that their medicine is protected, kept at the right temperature, and rushed to them as fast as possible with a reliable pharmaceutical transport company.

Yusen Logistics’ expertise in handling the most sensitive of cargoes was recently put to the test, when vital medication was required in order for brain surgery to take place at a specialist ward in Turkey.

With a patient awaiting surgery for a brain tumour in hospital in Ankara, a box of specialist brain  implants needed to be delivered safely nearly 3000 miles away using a tailored supply chain with temperature controlled transport. We had a lead time of three days door to door, whisking the implants from the manufacturer’s stockholding in Ireland to the hospital.

Implants are a leading tool for combatting  certain cancers. They contain a powerful chemotherapy drug that can be used to treat 90 per cent or more of a newly diagnosed brain tumour.  Inserted into the patient’s brain after a tumour has been removed, they continue to fight the cancer after the operation has been completed. During surgery the surgeon will put up to eight implants into the area from where the tumour has been removed, they then dissolve over two to three weeks, releasing medication directly into the brain tissue.

However, if the specialist product isn’t kept in the most stringent conditions it’s of no use to doctors and patients. That’s why we have thorough supply chain procedures to protect medicines in temperature controlled transport. Successful logistics is in the planning and no more so than for sensitive healthcare products.

In particular, this product needs  to be kept at extremely low temperatures in order to avoid contamination. We carefully designed a solution that successfully achieved a Mean Kinetic Temperature of -60°c throughout the entire movement from Ireland to Turkey. 

Having travelled 3000 miles, the implants were delivered in perfect condition: expertly chilled so life-saving medicines have the chance to do just that.

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