Preparing for Brexit: How we’re tackling the subject of customs clearance after Brexit

Posted by Sharon Murrell - Customs Manager on 31-May-2018 11:46:00
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The latest blog post in our Brexit series highlights the specific subject of your customs clearance after Brexit, and how these affect supply chains, both in and out of the UK. With Brexit day fast approaching, we reveal what procedures and plans we have in place to overcome the challenges Brexit poses at the borders.

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Topics: Brexit, Border Controls, Customs Clearance

Make a Break for It: Delivering Fast Export Logistics after Brexit

Posted by Kevin Appleton - Chairman, Yusen Logistics on 30-Jun-2016 15:06:00
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They used to say that a week was a long time in politics, but these days 24 hours seems to have enough news for a normal year. In the wake of Brexit, it’s begun to feel like we’re driving through thick fog, relying on our fog lights to illuminate as much as possible as we negotiate the hazy conditions ahead.

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Topics: Freedom of Movement, Brexit, Exported Goods, Supply Chain Management, Border Controls, Single Market

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