Reducing CO2: Tread Lighter for Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

Posted by Rodion Liashko - ESC Business Analyst on 07-Mar-2017 12:00:00
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Creating an energy-efficient supply chain is only possible if you understand its overall carbon footprint. Certainly, there are huge opportunities within the industrial supply chain for reductions in CO2 emissions – particularly on the ‘Final Mile’ - to meet stringent regulations and streamline costs. A 3PL or 4PL partner who is committed to researching and developing green innovation is best placed to find long-term solutions across the entire supply chain. Recent research into smart tracking and accurate reporting undertaken by Yusen clearly indicates that it is possible to improve the sustainability of supply chain solutions of any complexity.

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Topics: Pharmaceutical Industry, Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Solutions, 4PL, CO2 Emissions, Supply Chain Innovation, Cold Chain Logistics, 3PL, Shipment Visibility, Cost-effective Logistics, Customer-centric Logistics

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