Driving change with sustainable transport

Posted by Rodion Liashko - ESC Business Analyst on 04-Sep-2018 13:39:11
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Our responsibility to future generations is set as the main principle of Sustainable Development, a concept introduced by Brundtland Report in 1987.  Since then, we often read about the importance of sustainability when discussing the environment, climate change and corporate social responsibility (CSR).  And yet, what does sustainability really mean for logistics?  And how can your 4PL provider drive sustainable development?

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Adding value to your high value cargo

Posted by Duncan Butler - General Manager on 19-Dec-2017 12:53:19
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If a customer pays a premium price for a premium product – anything from the latest games console or mobile phone to a designer handbag or top-of-the-range fridge freezer – they naturally expect the very best: a quality product, delivered on time, in prime condition, no excuses. If they decide your product isn’t quite right for them – or they’ve ordered the wrong model, colour or size – they also expect a quick and hassle-free returns or exchange process. In short, if you’re dealing in valuable goods, every aspect of the high value goods supply chain needs to run like clockwork to ensure customers are happy and your reputation for excellence remains intact.

To enable you to meet your customers’ high expectations, outsourcing your warehousing and distribution services to an experienced third-party logistics (3PL) for high value goods like Yusen Logistics can pay huge dividends. Our networks, infrastructure, experience and supply chain management expertise will protect and enhance your high value cargo and add substantial value to your operations.

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Topics: Brexit, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing and Distribution, 3PL, high value cargo, high value goods, 3pl for high value goods, suppy chain, high value goods supply chain

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