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Posted by Mark Harvey - Head of Security on 01-Aug-2017 12:00:00
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Cargo theft threatens secure logistics and high value cargo is a premium target. Securing your supply chain is vital in every industry, but  for high value goods the stakes are even greater with the potential for costs to soar should something not go to plan. Whether during the launch of the latest hi-tech, the steady supply of sought-after designer trends, or the swift delivery of critical medications, your international supply chain could be worth billions at a time.

As the value of your product peaks, so does the interest of organised crime.

Beyond the simple loss of product, cargo theft or hijacking causes supply interruptions, a rise in supporting customer services, investigations and increased insurance. So, the safe movement of valuable cargo with secure logistics should be a primary concern for your 3PL partner.

Secure logistics are vital as cargo theft has increased by 64.1% year-on-year.

The value of your high value cargo is more than monetary and products like yours are an investment   — an eagerly awaited and considered purchase with a premium price. That’s why, when you face cargo theft, it’s not just your profit that’s threatened, but your company’s reputation is at risk too.

If you’re concerned about the secure logistics of your high value cargo, it’s important to consider these three risks of cargo theft:


  1. Slower Supply Chains with Multiple Touchpoints

The longer and more complex your supply chain, the higher the risk to secure logistics.

As the market for your product gains global reach, additional sourcing and end delivery locations stretch your supply chain with multi-modal complexity. More touchpoints are needed, increasing the vulnerability of your cargo with each delay or pause.

If you’re not using safe secure logistics tracking you won’t have real-time shipment visibility. With this, your supply chain management can react instantly to threats to mitigate any delays.

Throughout an end-to-end supply chain, your 3PL partner can streamline and protect with geographically optimised distribution centres near key ports. If they’re working with and accredited by TAPA EMEA, they’ll also have access to secure parking ports internationally. These can be aligned with touchpoints during robust route planning to then reduce the risk of theft of your high value cargo.


  1. Low-Tech Transit Protection

However, even non-stop transit is vulnerable to theft. The recent loss of nearly £500,000 of consumer electronics hit the news recently, as thieves broke into the truck whilst in transit.

Ensuring your transit protection is specialised to suit high value goods, with the sophisticated technology and processes to match, is essential for secure logistics.

The security of your vehicles may not be fully optimised without centralised access control systems and live monitoring. These allow drivers to follow demarcated safe routes with geofencing, to ensure that any known crime areas are avoided.

For particularly sensitive goods, a security escort service can offer an additional level of protection, further deterring thieves and providing the highest degree of visibility at all times during transit. 

Furthermore, your 3PL partner may tailor their service for your high value cargo with RFID and GPS tracking for SKU level visibility. This provides a higher level of control and further ensures your high value goods are delivered on time and in the condition you expect.


  1. Poor Warehousing Procedures

 Your high value goods may be at risk before they’re even on the road.

False driver credential scams have shaken shippers with less-than-rigorous warehousing procedures. Without full employee vetting, you can’t always be sure that your driver isn’t about to deliver your goods straight to the black market.

Robust warehousing will have frequent security checks across sites, requiring drivers to provide documentation at gatehouses before even being allowed onsite. Search points will then limit the risk of in-house theft, supported by full CCTV coverage and secure cages for more sensitive goods.


If they keep these risks in mind, in the hands of an expert 3PL partner your high value goods won’t fall into the wrong ones.

Cargo theft isn’t the only risk to your security. Damage and supply interruptions also cause profound ripples across your supply chain. You can explore cargo theft and these issues further in our free downloadable whitepaper, enabling you to properly assess and mitigate the risks to your secure logistics.


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