Lift Off Logistics: A Product Launch Checklist for High Value Cargo

Posted by Mike Coates - Regional General Manager on 14-Aug-2017 10:27:00
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 Looking for lift off with a new product?

It could be your most innovative, disruptive concept to date, with consumers itching to get their hands on the latest hi-tech, luxury handbag or designer fashion. However, if your supply chain management falters your supply fails to meet demand – and your product launch falls flat.

At best, you’ll face expensive, expedited transport to fulfil retailers’ needs; at worst, you could lose those crucial sales and forgo competitive edge.

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Topics: Short Lead Times, Warehousing and Distribution, Added Value, 3PL, Shipment Visibility, high value cargo, secure logistics, Transit Protection, Product Launches, Origin Cargo Management, Route Planning, YL-Griffin

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