A Safe Bet: Cold Chain Logistics with Secure Supply Chain Management

Posted by Frank Packman - General Manager, Healthcare on 10-Jan-2017 10:39:00
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Yusen’s specialist equipment and expertise delivers secure cold chain logistics

When it comes to critical medicines, entrusting your high value, highly sensitive product to a cold chain logistics provider is not always a safe bet. Security is becoming steadily more challenging, as logistics teams find new ways to protect your product with integrated supply chain security strategies.

Certainly, healthcare companies face fresh challenges to maintain product integrity: requiring a partner who connects the dots throughout the supply chain to deliver robust, comprehensive solutions.

What security issues do healthcare companies need to tackle?


The British International Freight Association (BIFA) stated that, in 2015,

the reporting of cargo crime reached a 5-year high with 1,515 recorded freight thefts across European networks.


The consequences threaten not only product integrity – but that of your company too. There’s significant profit in life-saving drugs – so valuable cargo can attract unwanted attention. Products can be at risk to adulteration, with theft often leading to counterfeit goods; expired drugs can enter the market, condemned materials can be resold, and misbranded and labelled packaging can pose a risk to users. Moreover, for pharmaceuticals, safe cold chain logistics becomes steadily more complex when the integrity of critical medicines is threatened with even slight changes to their environment.

When supply chain challenges risk the safety of medicines relied upon worldwide, we’re reminded that security is always the highest professional priority.

So, looking for a robust quality agreement, increased visibility and specialist equipment will help you secure the best pan-European logistics package.  


  1. Expect high standards with a GDP Certification

A Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certification for Pharmaceuticals demonstrates a provider’s dedication to a globally recognised standard of quality in the industry – and without the GDP your logistics operations don’t make the cut.

It ensures that you receive consistent quality management throughout your supply chain, whether in the delivery of raw materials, or the final shipment of finished drugs to the end user. 

Secure cold chain logistics will have rigorous systems in place for warehouse and distribution centres, designed specifically to cope with the requirements of pharmaceutical products. In doing so, a provider is better able to manage your supply chain and will excel in independent assessments for compliance against international GDP requirements.

So if you want a logistics partner that sets the standard, then look for a GDP certification.


  1. Track and trace with increased visibility

With amplified supply chain complexity driving extended lead times, it’s not surprising that visibility is taking centre stage in the security of today’s global supply chain. Plus, with high value goods requiring cold chain logistics you want to be reassured and in control of where your products are across the world.

A control tower management solution allows full visibility of shipments throughout the supply chain, with a support team monitoring their progress during freight transit.  

Combined with GPS tracking and real-time supply chain information, you can act quickly to secure critical medicines if their product integrity is threatened. Moreover, you also have the capability to address concerns if a driver has been stopped unexpectedly -  strengthening action against cargo theft. 

Your provider should have stellar communication portals in place, founded on in-depth industry expertise. So, a system like YL-Griffin gives you complete confidence in your logistics partner: with full visualisation of origin and destination management, as well as lead time based services. 


  1. Ensure specialist equipment and expertise is available

For sensitive, critical medicines, you need a logistics provider with a regulated temperature controlled supply chain.

Many drugs are now highly sensitive to temperature variations and need to be closely monitored to maintain the necessary environment during transit, as indicated on their label and supported by stability studies.

New protein drugs and vaccines need to be physically stabilised in temperature controlled transport, to ensure that they are protected from denaturation or degradation. Your logistics partner will make sure that medicines are secure to stop shocks, drops, shakes and vibrations from affecting product integrity.

Remote temperature monitoring through a control tower management system will then give you peace of mind that your provider can act quickly to protect your product every step of the way.


Finding a cold chain logistics partner who is a safe bet for supply chain security will ensure that your high value products are expertly handled – with a finger on the pulse to get life-saving medicines to those you serve best.


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