Mike Coates - Regional General Manager

Mike explores and implements solutions for your warehousing and distribution needs as part of streamlined supply chain management. With a wealth of experience spanning over twenty years, Mike has worked with a host of high-end brands to develop efficient, cost-effective and innovative strategies to meet the supply needs of fast-paced sectors. At Yusen, Mike is the account owner for leading labels, such as Samsung’s white goods and high value cargo. He ensures consistent and robust contract management to support customers, their partnering retailers, and ultimately the end-consumer.
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Lift Off Logistics: A Product Launch Checklist for High Value Cargo

Posted by Mike Coates - Regional General Manager on 14-Aug-2017 10:27:00
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 Looking for lift off with a new product?

It could be your most innovative, disruptive concept to date, with consumers itching to get their hands on the latest hi-tech, luxury handbag or designer fashion. However, if your supply chain management falters your supply fails to meet demand – and your product launch falls flat.

At best, you’ll face expensive, expedited transport to fulfil retailers’ needs; at worst, you could lose those crucial sales and forgo competitive edge.

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Topics: Short Lead Times, Warehousing and Distribution, Added Value, 3PL, Shipment Visibility, high value cargo, secure logistics, Transit Protection, Product Launches, Origin Cargo Management, Route Planning, YL-Griffin

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